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Living Trusts

Estate Planning with D'Angelo Law, Inc. in Tracy, CAMr. D’Angelo has many years of experience handling a variety of estate planning matters, including assisting prospective clients with creating revocable living trusts and other mechanisms specifically designed to avoid the lengthy and costly probate process.

If your family member has recently passed away and has left a will which must be probated, Mr. D’Angelo also handles probate matters in San Joaquin County and the surrounding communities.

Revocable Living Trusts

One of the available avenues to avoid the costly and time consuming dynamics of the probate process is to create a revocable living trust. A revocable living trust allows for the client to make a detailed plan for the distribution of their acquired assets after their death. Since 2002, Mr. D’Angelo has assisted his clients in drafting hundreds of revocable living trusts. Whether married or single, Mr. D’Angelo can assist you in drafting the appropriate revocable living trust to care for your loved ones after your death and to provide the requisite financial resources to help your beneficiaries carry on the next generation and beyond for your family.

Trust Administration

When the client for whom the revocable living trust was created passes away, Mr. D’Angelo can assist the successor trustee in navigating through the detailed process of trust administration. Since 2002, Mr. D’Angelo has participated in the trust administration process for numerous clients who have passed away. There are multiple layers to this process, the most important of which is to provide the requisite notice under California Probate Code Section 16061.7. This notice requirement begins the formal trust administration process and lays out the foundation to distribute the trust assets to the designated beneficiaries in a timely manner. Mr. D’Angelo prides himself on his excellent communication skills and his professional demeanor in handling this process. Mr. D’Angelo has the necessary compassion and experience to help these matters be administrated smoothly and peacefully.

Probate Process

There are times when a loved one passes without having completed any estate planning protocol or taken advantage of any probate avoidance mechanisms. When this occurs, the matter must be resolved in the probate division of the county where the decedent resided. Mr. D’Angelo and his staff have assisted with numerous probate fillings from various stages to their completion. Mr. D’Angelo and his staff have the experience to guide you through the complicated California Courts form process, so your probate matter may be resolved in a reasonable amount of time. The probate process can be time-consuming and emotionally taxing. The experience Mr. D’Angelo offers can help you avoid common pitfalls which can cause additional delays and stress. Mr. D’Angelo has handled probate matters in San Joaquin County, Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Stanislaus County, Amador County, Lake County, Madera County, Sacramento County, and San Mateo County.


Conservatorships are advisable in primarily two instances: The first instance is an aging family member needs special attention which is best resolved by filing the appropriate paperwork to appoint the conservator to protect the conservatee. The second instance is via a limited conservatorship, which generally involves appointing a conservator to protect and assist a special needs or permanently disabled person, as the conservatee, over the age of 18. Mr. D’Angelo and his staff have successfully assisted multiple clients through the conservatorship process for a variety of ages.

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